鬧空間 X 自由人藝術公寓


NOW space creates a contemporary art space. The idea of NOW space is to combine and share the sources of art and design, and also build an art platform with experimental spirit. It offers variety of exhibitions, performances and lectures and so on to increase hustle and bustle life in City Central District of Taipei.

NOW space X Freedom Men Art Apartments

NOW space and Freedom Men Art Apartments start a cooperate project from 2017 to 2018. We attempt to create an experimental exhibition place that not only for art exhibition, but also for carrying out different plans.

Freedom Men Art Apartments was established in Taichung in 2012. The idea comes from space collection concept of an apartment. We try to inject different type of energy into various kinds of art projects and then transform to unusual art platform that we want to challenge the possibility of combining art cross-boundary, and also give art with different function to provide integration of every sources and developing opportunity. Except art exhibition, we have done different projects, such as Internship Program, Cross-boundary Performance Project, Artist-in-Residence and so on. Also, we participate in international art Expo and Exchange exhibition actively to assist artist to go forward on international exchange. Since 2016, we have started on planned developing project to connect alternative exhibition space and different art organization that can create appropriate platform to artists in each region in Taiwan. Freedom Men Art Apartments in Taichung, SONGYAN Creative Hub in Taipei and NOW space in Taipei are the main activity places.